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Are you one of those looking to lose weight and perhaps stumbled upon this website? Losing weight seems to be mission impossible for many people — but hey, trust me that it’s not really that difficult.

I’ve listed just 7 steps to permanent weight loss in this article, and after reading this, I’m sure that you’ll have a better understanding on how the entire weight loss “mechanism” works. Read on, and tell me whether it gives you a better outlook on how you should approach your mission.


Step 1: Learning Your Enemy — Body Fat

get-the-factsMany of us think that losing weight is all about “losing weight”. Well, that’s not entirely true. Honestly, we aren’t really concerned about the scale at all, because who cares if your scale reads 120lbs or 145lbs, as long as you look stunning in front of the mirror?

Your real enemy is body fat. When we’re talking about losing weight, it’s always about losing body fat. Here’s an article that discusses just that – 4 Facts That Set Your Way To Permanent Weight Loss.


Step 2: Learning To Count Calories

cut-caloriesLosing body fat is a Science, not an Art. In order to lose body fat, you must create a state of “caloric deficit”. Many people skip this step and ignore calorie counting, and that’s the reason why most of them fail, regardless of what exercise or diet plans they’re on.

Remember that losing body fat is a Science. Therefore, if you’re not counting your calories, chances are you won’t succeed in losing fat. Here’s an article that details the mechanics of “caloric deficit” – Calorie Intake To Lose Weight – How Much Should You Eat?


Step 3: Understanding Nutritions

nutritionOur bodies are built in the kitchen, sculpted in the gym. Nutritions (especially macronutrients) are the building blocks of your body. If you don’t eat right, there’s no way that your body will get the necessary ingredients for it to be sculpted the way you want in the gym.

That’s the main reason for those people who’ve spent hundreds of hours on the ab machine, and still not getting the alluring abs that they dream of. Same goes to those who spent long hours on the treadmill and don’t see their body fat dropping by even a 0.1%. The answer for both situations – nutrition.

You can learn more about nutrition here in this article – Understanding Your Macronutrients.


Step 4: Supplements & How To Use Them

supplements-3Supplements isn’t an absolute necessity, but they are crucial in maximizing your fat loss result. Supplements help in recovery and promote an overall healthy lifestyle. Cutting down on calories would usually leave you with a shortage of certain nutrients that you usually get from your normal diet. Taking supplements help to replenish your body with these nutrients while not adding any unnecessary calories to your diet.

Many people are aware that supplements play an important role in their fat loss challenge, but not many know which supplements to take to accomplish their goals. Here, I’ve written an article to answer that question – Lose Body Fat With The Right Supplements.


Step 5: Preparations – Tools, Equipments & Others

gymThe final step of preparations is to get all the tools and equipments ahead of time prior to starting your weight loss journey. You may want to get a shaker if you’re planning to supplement your diet with protein powder, or probably get some containers for your meal prep, or even to get that pair of sport shoes before you start your training program.

It may also be a good time to research on nearby gyms and decide on which one is most suitable to your lifestyle. Besides the equipments and classes offered by the gym, you might also want to consider its accessibility and your personal schedule. If you’re on a tight budget or simply don’t have the time to hit the gym, you may even want to consider building your very own simple home gym.

All these are covered in greater depth in this article – 4 Must-Needs Prior To Starting Your Weight Loss Program.


Step 6: Getting a Weight Loss Training Program

weight-trainingFinally, it’s time to hit the gym! If you’re a first timer, I bet you won’t know what to do in the gym besides watching what others are doing in there. In this case, I’d suggest that you get a gym trainer to guide you around. If this option is not a good match for you, you may want to consider getting an online training program.

There are plenty of excellent programs available online for you to model after, but I’d recommend these few training programs if you’re a complete beginner in losing fat – Recommended Workout Programs.


Step 7: Tracking and Support Group

trackingIf you don’t track your progress, you won’t know how well you’ve been doing. And if there’s no tracking, there’s no progress. You won’t know if you should be eating less, or if you should train more. You won’t know whether what you’re doing works or not. Tracking is essential.

Getting yourself a support group is not an absolute necessity, but it’s highly recommended in order for you to remain on track. Peer review and mutual support are essential to keep you motivated and pumped for the next training. Needless to say, you’ll more likely not to skip a training day at the gym if you know that someone will be waiting for you there.

Read more about tracking and support group here – Tracking And Support Group.


I hope that you now have a better knowledge of how weight (oopss…) fat loss works. Of course, there are more to those mentioned above that would help you achieve your success faster. If you stick around this website long enough, you’ll find that there are a bunch of resources around that could help you understand more about fat loss.

Here are just some other resources that you might be interested in:

Happy working out!

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